Pascal André Heimlicher


Maximum power. More is not possible!

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Photography, Editing, Business

My masterclass is all about photography, editing/retouching, social media marketing and the whole business.

Masterclass Live Seminars

Access to all my masterclass live seminars. My live seminars are real workshops on a specific topic. Take a look at the overview of the next seminars.

Seminar Replays

You missed a live seminar? No problem. Just take your time and watch the replay. For each live seminar there are numerous replays waiting for you. By the way, for all masterclass members the free online events are also available as replay.


Workshop specific material (slides, presets, actions, pictures, etc.) available for download.

Always updated content

There is nothing worse than outdated workshop documents or plugins that no longer work. I have set myself the goal to keep my documents always up to date.

Picture analyses

Together in the group I discuss and analyze your submitted pictures and give you tips and tricks for even better results.

Instagram analyses

How do you attract more customers and attention with your Instagram account? I will analyze your account and give you valuable advice.


What could be better than relaxing and enjoying an audio podcast.

PAH Toolbox (coming soon)

Soon there will also be various downloads available like Capture One styles, presets and actions for photoshop, important lists, cheatsheets, and more. Let me surprise you!

English and German

We also do regular live seminars in German for our German speaking friends.

What is the maximum number of online workshops I can participate in?

You can participate in as many online workshops as you want. There is no limit! The only condition is that you have a valid membership at the time of the workshop.

What if I cannot attend a live event?

No problem. Just take your time and watch the replay. For each live seminar there are numerous replays waiting for you.

I have registered for the Masterclass. What is the next step?

The best way is to browse through all the amazing online events and sign up wherever you are interested.

i know you love working with available light. i'm mainly interested in studio photography. will there be workshops about it too?

Absolutely! Many may not know it, but I started as a studio photographer. Especially for the field of studio photography we are currently producing a very special series which will cover every topic and will make you a studio pro.

I love your work. Will you also give us valuable background information on your work and reveal a few secrets?

There are no secrets in this master class! Our common goal is to become professionals in all areas of people photography and make our business a success.

I would like to support you. Do you offer an affiliate program?

Very much with pleasure! I am grateful for any kind of help from the bottom of my heart! Every form of recommendation which brings me a new student will pay off.

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