"People say photographs don’t lie, mine do."
- David LaChapelle -


The Photography Masterclass is the area for ambitious photographers, where I give weekly seminars about photography, image editing, color looks, color grading, model posing and the whole photography business. Of course, you can directly ask questions about the respective topic at the live seminars. If you like my kind of people photography, you are definitely at the right place.

ready for a change

bye bye mainstream

This is not just repeating what you’ve read a thousand times in technical books or seen in other tutorials. I share with you my over 14 years of experience as a photographer in people photography and also cover topics which in my opinion are not taught at all.

Have you packed your bags yet?

on set

Here we go! I take you with me on my travels and reserve you a nice place on my sets so you can look over my shoulder while I work.

Ready for your own unique look?


Unique color looks is one of our core topics in the Masterclass. Sexy tanned skin tones, orange-teal looks, colors and looks that stand out and stand out from all the rest. We don’t do random preset looks here. This is about a fundamental understanding about colors and harmony. How do you get that color look you’ve always dreamed of?

another TV shows to stream?

the newcomer

I always hear the accusation that it’s easy to be successful if you already have a big network, a portfolio of well-known models and are known in the scene. with this series, we are doing an experiment together and an exciting journey. We want to find out how you have to proceed as an absolute newcomer who starts from ZERO to become successful.